About Us
      Creative Life Coaching was founded in Albany, New York Fourteen years ago.  

Mr. Califano has been a life coach for over 14years a graduate from CTI one of our nations leading
Coaching Institutes.  He brings a wealth of diverse experiences  to coaching , including over twenty five
years working in the private and public sectors as a teacher, mediator, entrepreneur and fine artist.

Mr. Califano has an MA from State University at Albany, BS from College of Saint Rose and over thirty post
graduate credit hours from Russell Sage College in Psychology related to drug and alcohol counselling and
Private and Public Administration.

As an entrepreneur he co founded and owns two successful large day care business's.  His experiences
were welcomed lectures to the College of Saint Rose's Directors Masters Program Class.

Feel free to email or call us for any information regarding Life Coaching  518 436-4910  leave a message.

Below are past and present examples showing
how Mr. Califano gets creative in his life.

He has had his art included in  museums and galleries in the Albany, Schenedctady and Troy areas as well
as galleries in Torronto and New York city.  Several prints below are available for purchase, simply email us
for details or questions.
Photographs available for purchase up to 12 x 16 inch prints.  No images may be

copied without permission.
These Digital art prints available up to 12 x 16
inches.  Images will be sharper than shown here.

Joseph T. Califano Copyright