Creative Life Coaching,
Life Coaching - No Issue is to Small or Large to Coach be it:
Business, Career, Work, Financial, Family, Personal, Stress
Coaching can help.
We are in  business to foster self esteem, growth and success.  Our vision is to help people be as
creative and whole as they can be.  Let us help you discover and build your vision for success.  

We believe in improving your personal relationships to people and things.

We begin with where you are now and see what fundamental changes are in order for your
present needs.

Together we will work with  any emotional issues that are hindering your performance or

Proven techniques
can help you  balance your needs for overcoming obstacles.

We are your advocate to help you discover and  give you the life you desire.
Why a life Coach and how is  life coaching so powerful to help people?

Only You know what you want for your life!   
A trained life coach has an approach unique to coaching that can help you quickly see not
only what steps to take but how to take them.

Life coaching is a motivational process like no other.   

Coaching helps you discover and decide what you want regarding any idea or issue.  No
problem is too small or large to give life  coaching a try.

Our perspective is there is nothing to fix in you as you are the best person you can be right
now - it's a question of what you want and how best to change what you want for you.
  • Our techniques work on small or large agenda items
  • Give a great gift to You - try a half hour session now
  • Call us now do it for YOU !   Office 518 - 650- 6802    cell  518 436-4910  
  • Most Coaching sessions are done over the phone in half hour or hour sessions -
    discounts for signing up for three or more sessions.
  • Appointments for sessions in our office also available.
Have more time to do what you really love to do.

We live with numerous unresolved issues that can cause stress - coaching can help!

Much of our time may be spent on erroneous ideas or concepts that we just can't seem to let go or outgrow.  

Coaching will help you get new perspectives to clean out much of the  clutter that hinders self growth.

Coaching uses many proven techniques to make more room and bring forth your authentic self.

Email:  for inquiry or to set up a life coaching appointment
"Excellent article Joe -  and you're so right.  When I made increasing bone density a goal as
opposed to tying it to appearance, I  was more inspired to continue with my "treadmilling."  

"I really did think that was a good point that you made and I hadn't even really thought about my
own workout rational until I read your article.  But tying exercise to health instead of just
appearance made it more important to me and therefore more valuable and worthwhile. "   GB,

" Mr. Califano helped me  get out of my own way and to be successful socially and in business."   
RA, Albany

" You have to experience coaching to see how beneficial it is for making the kind of change you
want in your life- Joe is a great  life coach."   MC, East Greenbush

"Joe is a great listener, he heard things I had no idea were stopping me from my goals, It is a
pleasure to recommend his coaching services."  SB  Chatham
Starting a business?                                              Together we begin with what you know
Wanting Improved work performance?              Investigate real and false notions or assumptions                                
Better recognition and pay?                                  Acquire the ability to open new possibilities
Fear of presentations?                                         Plan and create a new foundation for success.
Returning to school?  
Retired and what next?  
Changing jobs?
Divorced and need a tune up?  
How to be the best manager ?  
Want a better relationship?  
Emotional issues in the way?   

Improve communication at work or at home.   Any issue be it small or large can be helped with Life Coaching.  
Where are you right now and what would you like improved?  Try it now and mention this web site to get a half price, half
hour  coaching session.  Give yourself a great gift!
DD, Troy
"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."  - Leonardo