Simply call to set up a coaching session or email   

We will discuss your particular needs and you will make payment based on your
requests by mail using a personal check or money order .  

Together we will design a coaching /client alliance based on your individual traits and

Our coaching hours are very flexible.  Anytime after 9:00 am EST  to 10:00 pm   M - F

Some Saturday and Sunday slots are available upon request.  

All the best to you and yours!
Services We Provide

How and Why  Coaching Works ?

The coach is your advocate for improving your life.  You make all choices,  are  
always in charge and control of the coaching session - so you make progress in
proportion to how sincere you are with yourself.  

No one tells you what to do.  The coach is trained to help you discover and be more
authentic and accountable to you.  You have fun, work hard and succeed because it
is what you want to do.  Thats the secret to coaching.  

Coaching  takes place over the phone or in our office.

We work in half hour or hour sessions.

Frequency and coaching time depends on you the client.

Contact us now to see if coaching is what you need in your life.
Nothing forwards your action like having a personal life coach.

Save by taking a coaching package. We can also set up three, six or more coaching
packages that guarantee session slots and provide a more sequential consistency for

We coach people from any background on any issue.  We will get you setting the
goals you need for success.